Beach Kitchen & Gardening Liquid Hand Soap

Lavender & Lilac

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Have you ever felt like a super hero for tackling that mountain of dishes after a holiday meal only to realize your hands feel dried out? How about after planting those seasonal flowers in your planter or flower bed? The plants look spectacular. Your hands, not so much. Looking for something with a little bit of natural exfoliation that isn't harsh and leaves your hand feeling soft and supple? Look no further! Our Kitchen & Gardening Liquid Hand Soaps contain jojoba beads (made from Jojoba Oil) that not only exfoliate and get off that dirt and grime but also add a boost of moisture to our soap.

Beach - This is our version of Bobbi Brown Beach scent. Smells just like it and makes you think that you are strolling along a shell littered beach at sunset.

Ingredients: Liquid Castile Soap, Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Beads

Available in an 8 oz bottle or 16 oz bottle.